We have improved our traffic estimations! Ubersuggest’s data is more reliable than ever. It has better data on click-through rates (CTR) for each Google search result, which in effect makes our estimations more secure.

The new traffic estimations are nearer to the actual numbers you may see in Google Analytics. They also tend to be on the higher end in terms of numbers if compared to the previous version of Ubersuggest. Therefore, it is completely normal to see a traffic changes starting in November 2020, that simply means we’ve improved our estimations, not necessarily a reflection of an increase in a website’s organic traffic.

Traffic Estimations are calculated taking into account:

  • Keywords in our database and their search volume they have per month
  • Websites that rank for those keywords
  • Their positions and the typical CTR for these positions

We will then take into consideration the traffic of each page (using the information above) and aggregate this data for any other countries (if applicable), ending in how much search traffic the websites take.

⚠️ We do not take other traffic sources into account, such as Referral Traffic, Social, Email, Paid, etc. Ubersuggest only considers organic traffic. 

We will keep improving our calculations to reflect as accurately as possible the reality of the traffic our users analyze. 

It’s expected that the data isn’t 100% accurate, and for the industry, this is expected.

How Long Does it Take For Monthly Traffic Aggregations to Update?

It may take up to 6 days at the beginning of each month for your monthly traffic estimations to update. In other words if you’re looking for new estimations from the previous month you my not see them until the 6th of the new month. This is due to the tremendous amount web data that needs to be aggregated at the beginning of each month.

Here’s a breakdown of just how much data Ubersuggest aggregates and provides:

  • 20 TB of data
  • Google Results (SERP Entries): ~82 Billion
  • Aggregated Pages – ~32 Billion
  • Aggregated Domains – ~5 Billion
  • 350M Keywords per Month in pipeline
  • 21,255,303 Keywords API calls processed on demand per month
  • 263,669,109 Rank Tracking API calls processed per month
  • 14,757,416 On Page site audit api calls; Total pages crawled: 68,417,314 per month
  • 340,638,628 Backlink Monthly Requests; Total Rows Returned 619,023,665
  • 900K Users per Month
  • 500M queries per month


  • 6 Billion Keywords
  • 2 Trillion total backlinks
  • 1 Billion content

Pretty impressive, right? 

If you need any further clarification or want to make suggestions, please reach out to us at support@ubersuggest.com, we love hearing from our community!