1. In the Dashboard section, click on “New Project”

2. Type the domain and the name you want to give to the project

3. Select the language/country you would like to track


4. You can Add Keywords to track in three different ways. The first is to add “Keywords You Rank For”

​If you already have a list ready to go you can also “Copy/Paste” the keywords you want to track.

The third way to add keywords is by “Import From CSV”

5. Please note that if you choose to track 1 Keyword for 2 or more locations that the same keyword will count as multiple keywords. We have a handy tooltip to let you know.

6. Make sure the keywords you want to add to your project appear on the right and click “Next” button

7. Type in competitors you want to track or add them from our prepopulated list.

8. Select your tracking preferences, and click “Next”

7. Say “Yes” or “No” to our Biweekly Coaching Calls and Personalized SEO Help

8. If you want our team help to grow your traffic, click “Yes” to send us more information in the next modal

9. Type your name, select your budget range and enter your phone number, so our team will get in touch with you. Click “Finish” to get your recently created project on the Dashboard

10.  Done. Your project is now being tracked!

If you need any further clarification or want to make suggestions, please reach out to us at support@ubersuggest.com, we love hearing from our community!