In SEO, the most difficult thing to achieve is outranking your competition. There is no denying the importance of choosing the right keywords for your website but by doing a bit of research, you can create a fairly accurate list of things that can help you in your own SEO strategy, amongst other things.

Sometimes, though, you just really need to figure out what your competitors are up to.

What keywords are my competitors using? Where did they get their backlinks from?

To give you a head start, go to Ubersuggest, enter your competitor’s URL, and the tool will help you track your competitors’ rankings and record their keyword ranking history.

For each competitor, find the following metrics and note them in your spreadsheet:

  • Organic keywords – the number of keywords the domain ranks for
  • Organic monthly traffic – the total estimated traffic the domain gets
  • Domain score – the overall authority of the website from 0 (low) to 100 (high)
  • Backlinks – the number of domains that link back to the site

One of the best ways to keep track of your competitor’s ranking is to add their URL as a project on your Ubersuggest dashboard and get the most updates possible. 

The next thing that you want to check is the Backlinks report. Backlinks are very important and it has been proven that they remain a crucial factor for organic search ranking. According to renowned Brian Dean of Backlinko, Google’s most important ranking factor is the number of referring domains.

This is where you can see which sites are linking to your competition. It’s a great feature to understand what resources you need to compete and use the data to your advantage.