Our engineers and quality assurance teams are constantly working to fix bugs and improve the experience for Ubersuggest users.

If you have found a bug and would like to report it, please follow the steps below.

First, using Google Chrome or Firefox, track the error you’ve experienced and then send us the files reporting it.

We’ve recorded this video so you can see how simple this process is.

Please take the following steps:

  1. Open an incognito/private window in your browser
  2. Open developer tools by right-clicking and then selecting ‘Inspect’ (Chrome) / ‘Inspect element’ (Firefox)
  3. Reproduce the error and take note of it
  4. Then click on the ‘Console’ tab and right-click on the information you get to select ‘Save as’ (Chrome) / ‘Export visible messages to>File’ (Firefox)
  5. Save it in your computer
  6. Then click on the ‘Network’ tab — If you’re using Chrome, make sure the red button at the top left of Network tab is ON (if it’s grey, click on it to switch to red). Also, the Preserve log box should be marked before you reproduce the bug.

7. Once you reproduce the bug again, right-click on the information you get and select ‘Save as HAR with Content'(Chrome) / ‘Save all as HAR’ (Firefox)

Once you have those 2 files saved in your computer, send them to: support (at) neilpatel (dot) com.

Along with the files, please let us know in which section of the tool you were working and what kind of search you were doing when the error happened. The more details you can give us, the faster we can pinpoint that issue and work hard on fixing it.