Adding competitors to projects is one of the recent changes to Ubersuggest. We hope you’re enjoying our newly improved Dashboard. Because of that, it may cause some confusion in terms of how it works.

If you’re experiencing issues with it, kindly check the following procedures.

  • I’m getting a loading wheel, and can’t proceed.

For websites that have minimal traffic or are new, for example, it keeps loading because it’s searching for competitors. If you have selected a specific location, it will also interfere with that. In these cases that indicates Ubersuggest has not collected any data on your site (and competitors) yet! You test this by going to the Competing Domains report here and typing your domain. If it is not showing any data, it won’t show in the project as well.

Remember, you can always manually add your competitors – without typing “HTTPS” and “www” in the front. It should be in the format “” instead.

  • I cannot proceed; it says I reached my limit.

When adding competitors to a project, please keep in mind the following limits (related to how many competitors you can add):

  • 5 for the Individual plan;
  • 10 for Business;
  • 15 for Agency/Enterprise.

It’s important to note that the number of competitors will multiply by the number of locations. For example, if you add two competitors but choose to monitor three places, it will count as six competitors.

  • It says that I reached my limit, but it’s not true.

If the tool says you cannot add more competitors and prompts you to upgrade, but you’re sure you still have additional spots, you can check that by hovering the mouse on the locations menu and scrolling down.

If you still cannot see which locations you have added, you can check that by going on the Dashboard > Tracked Competitors.

By clicking on Tracked Competitors, you’ll see the following image. By checking how many competitors and locations you have added, it will be possible to check your limits. 

If you want to learn more about the competitor feature works, we made a 15 min video for you, explaining every detail of how it works. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions, or complications at