In our continuing effort to make our reports easier to understand you may have noticed an update to the Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer.

As you can see above the SEO Analyzer will show you the total number of pages that were discovered during a crawl.

In the “Pages Discovered” box you will see an overview of various page statuses:

  • Successful- Crawlers and humans can view this page
  • Redirected – This page is redirecting to another URL
  • Broken – This page cannot be viewed do to a 4xx or 5xx error.
  • Blocked – This page cannot be crawled by search engines.

Ubersuggest will even provide you with the status of each individual page Simply click “See All Pages” and you will get a page by page breakdown.

In the “SEO Issues Discovered” box you will see the total number of SEO Issues detected during the crawl on your site.

Click “See All SEO Issues” and you’ll see a report that breaks down all of the SEO isses that were discovered during the crawl. Ubersuggest breaks this down by order of SEO impact. You can even filter into critical errors, warnings, and recommendations.

For more information on how the Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer works, including how to determine error codes read this article.

If you want more detail on how to do a proper site audit watch our training on Mastering Technical SEO Audits – Onpage SEO.

If you need any further clarification or want to make suggestions, please reach out to us at, we love hearing from our community!