If during the process of adding a new project to your dashboard you get an alert saying that you cannot continue because you are entering an invalid domain, you must check if:

  1. You are trying to enter the same URL in more than one project – the system doesn’t allow you to do that.
  2. You are using a very specific URL from a page of your website, instead of the root domain.  For example www.alpha.com/omega-be-ta/lambda/om-ega, instead of www.alpha.com

Ubersuggest allows you to add from 3 to 15 projects, depending on the plan you have. You can create one project per domain. Ubersuggest will track your whole website, not just a specific page of it.

If you need further assistance, all you have to do is get in touch with Ubersuggest support with an email to support@ubersuggest.com