Adding competitors to projects is relatively new in Ubersuggest. Because of that, it may cause a little bit of confusion in terms of how it works.

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It says that I reached my limit, but it’s not true.

The most common reason for this is related to the fact that the number of competitors will multiply by the number of locations. For example, if you add two competitors but choose to monitor three locations, it will count as six competitors.

How many competitors you can track per plan:

  • 5 for the Individual plan;
  • 10 for Business;
  • 15 for Agency/Enterprise.

I’m trying to add more competitors to my project. It shows as if I already have competitors, but I can’t see them.

Ubersuggest will ask you to add competitors when creating a project. The same way you add keywords.

After you finish creating the project, and for any reason, you want to add more competitors, you will see something like this:

  1. In this screenshot, Ubersuggest shows that there are already five competitors (“5/10”), but you don’t see them (hence the confusion). That’s because those are the original competitors added during the project creation. They are already in the project, and now you’re adding more.
  1. Locations, you can confirm which zones you will track these new competitors you’re trying to add. You can only track competitors at a country level, and some countries (in comparison to other reports) won’t be available.

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