How often is the Backlink Feature updated?

Ubersuggest is partnered with an industry-leading provider of SEO data to ensure you have the most accurate estimations available. The database is updated daily and high-value pages that can be crawled successfully are added quicker. As our crawlers continue to visit and index millions of new pages each day, eventually, Ubersuggest users will be able to see more of their backlinks getting indexed and added to our tool.

How quickly are backlinks added to the Ubersuggest database? 

Once a link is discovered organically, it can take up to 3 days to become visible in Ubersuggest. Currently, it is not possible to manually request page indexing. Every referring page has to be discovered organically. 

To prevent duplicate backlinks, pages missing canonicalization or are not canonicalized to themselves will not be crawled for backlinks. If a referring page has a noindex meta tag or is excluded from crawling by robots.txt, or blocks Dotbot crawler, the link will not appear in the database. 

I added new backlinks, why is Ubersuggest not showing them?

Not Discovered

We may not have discovered your link yet. The index is large but it doesn’t cover the entire web. Pages with higher-value links pointing to them are given priority to be crawled. This ensures your most important backlinks appear sooner than those that may be of lower value. 

Newly discovered links can be added to our index within three days

It may take longer to find backlinks to your site depending on the crawlability of referring pages and the quality of links and the referring pages.

Non-Canonical Content

The behavior of our crawlers is to ignore non-canonical content. Pages missing canonicalization or pages that are not canonicalized to themselves are indexed, but not crawled for content and backlinks.

Robots Exclusion & Meta Noindex

If crawlers encounter a noindex meta tag or have a robots.txt file that has a Dotbot exclusion, we won’t see backlinks from that page in our index. Noindex tag means that most search engines will not show that page in their results. Noindex tag can be page or site-specific and can specify all bots or just particular bots. You can read more about the impact of robots.txt exclusions on our blog.

Why might your backlink be shown in another tool but not in Ubersuggest? 

The data discrepancy you observed is expected. Each tool gets its data sets from different sources, and each tool calculates its metrics using different algorithms or crawlers. Because of these factors, this kind of difference in estimates and metrics is expected to happen. Unfortunately, all data isn’t a common source, and not all information is made available through Google API (or another “publicly” accessible API). Therefore we need to make estimations that will not necessarily match other tools.

The most important thing about backlinks isn’t quantity but quality. Our backlinks report will give the most important backlinks, with higher DA’s (DA is a proprietary metric of MOZ, other tools don’t have it).

The Dotbot crawler, when indexing pages and adding links to the database, might work and discover links differently to other tools. The crawler uses a machine-learning algorithm that mimics Google’s behavior and index. The crawler sees the internet similarly to Google. High-value links appear in the database quicker. This helps the crawler to focus on the most essential SEO signals when crawling the internet.  

The speed is less relevant than the coverage of Google’s index when it comes to backlinks. If your backlink doesn’t appear in Ubersuggest, there is a chance that Google hasn’t indexed it too. 

A study done by Perficient, a global digital consultancy, says that our API providers “… database reported the most links per domain across the Technology, Health, and Finance market sectors compared to Ahrefs, Semrush, and Majestic. The database reported most links per domain 72% of the time.“

In the same study, Perficient found that our database reported the most linking domains ( 59.1% of the time) compared to Ahrefs, Semrush, and Majestic. 

According to a study by Search Engine Land, a publication covering all aspects of digital marketing, advertising technology, and the martech landscape, our partner’s database compared to eight SEO tool sets reported a significantly higher number of linking domains.

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