As of January 5, 2021 Ubersuggest utilizes Moz API Data. Moz data is regarded as the most accurate industry wide. The data is based on estimates which correlate with the rankings it identifies for each page and country on Google. 

Ubersuggest integrates intelligent metrics like Domain Authority® and Page Authority® —all of which help you better understand the value and ranking potential of a domain or webpage.

Ubersuggest also provides link data. From a count of linking root domains, to URL anchor texts, to the number of followed, no-followed, and external links.

Please note these results won’t always reflect the exact numbers like you may see in your Google Analytics or Search Console. 

This isn’t only with Ubersuggest. All SEO tools work with several different data sources and calculate their metrics using different algorithms to get the best data possible. 

Still, because no one has access to the websites’ back-end and analytics, no tool can be 100% accurate.

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