We’re excited to announce we’ve improved our rank tracking alerts and emails. These are pulled directly from the Rank Tracking feature for individual projects. As you already may know within each site you add to the dashboard, you are able to automatically track your rankings for any specific keyword.

Our new alerts and emails will not only show your updated rankings but will provide you with additional resources on how to take actionable steps to improve or maintain your rankings. Now Ubersuggest will provide you with alerts and guidance for each of the following ranking scenarios:

  • New keywords ranking in the top 10
  • Keywords that have dropped from the top 10
  • Rankings that have improved
  • Rankings that have been lost
  • New rankings gained for keywords that weren’t ranking
  • Keywords that stopped ranking on top 100
  • Rankings are stable

P.S. We have more improvements related to the SEO Analyzer on the way as well 🙂

To get a more comprehensive idea on the additional features Ubersuggest has available to you kindly check the article What is Ubersuggest? Getting Started Guide.

If you need any further clarification or want to make suggestions, please reach out to us at support@ubersuggest.com, we love hearing from our community!