Smartphones and tablets have become hugely significant over the last couple of years and have forever altered what was once a fairly linear buyer’s journey. 

SEO for desktop and mobile follow the same basic principles and best practices but there are discrepancies that need to be factored into your overall strategy.

What’s cool about the Position Tracking report is that you can see your rankings both on mobile and desktop devices. This is important because Google has a mobile index, which means your rankings are probably slightly different on mobile devices and on desktop.

If you want to see how you are ranking on Google’s mobile index, you just have to click the mobile icon and vice versa if you want to see your ranking on the desktop index.

Neil has shared some of the reasons why desktop and mobile keywords are to be treated as two separate things, why their results differ and effective ways to boost your SEO so your website gets seen by more people. Click here to learn more.