Typically, when the SEO Analyzer scans only one page or no pages at all, it means it is getting blocked somehow from accessing your website.

Here you can find our list of IP addresses to whitelist and avoid any issues or blockage.

This could be caused by any of the reasons below:

  • Cache or security plugins could be blocking our crawled, make sure to disable them
  • Indexation instructions (robots.txt, robots meta directives)
  • Server settings that prevent our IP addresses from accessing your sites
  • Authorization settings
  • Blocked by .htaccess file
  • Excessive load time
  • Site blocking because of too many requests
  • A canonical loop issue

Unfortunately, if any of these settings can be observed on your website, our robots won’t be able to properly analyze your website.

With that being said, because there are so many possible causes for that to happen, it would be hard for us to point you in the right direction in regards to how you can fix it.

It’s a bit too technical for most people, and even for us, it would require many emails back and forth until we find the root cause of that.

If you still can’t properly analyze your website after going through the steps above, drop us a message at support@ubesuggest.com.