Until your website starts gaining more traction, you may see that many of the available SEO tools, Ubersuggest PRO included, reporting little-to-no traffic on your site.

The reason being is that all SEO tools work based on estimates. If you’re not ranking well for many keywords, they’ll just assume you’re not getting much, if any, traffic.

There are billions of keywords in the Ubersuggest database and there is search volume information associated with each one of them. If your website ranks poorly for those keywords, you’ll likely get poor traffic estimations — even if your Google Analytics or Google Search Console data says otherwise. Google Analytics and Google Search Console work with 1st-party data while Ubersuggest (and other SEO tools) work with 3rd-party data and estimates.

With that being said, keep working on your SEO and, over time, you’ll notice improvements and a reflection of that in the traffic reports while using the Site Audit feature.

Using Ubersuggest PRO and other tools to gather competitive intelligence about your competitors will help you get there even faster.