Each day, Ubersuggest’s crawlers are visiting tens of millions of pages across the internet and indexing backlinks it finds in each one of them.

As our crawlers continue to visit and index millions of new pages each day, eventually, Ubersuggest users will be able to see more and more of the backlinks getting indexed in our tool.

However, our Backlinks functionality is more useful from a competitive intelligence perspective.

This means that you’ll get far more value by learning from your competitors’ backlinks so you can learn from their tactics and implement what you’ve learned in your own link building strategy.

While it’s nice to see all your backlinks getting found by SEO tools out there, Google already knows each and every one of your backlinks and that is the most thing that will determine whether or not these backlinks will be important for you and your site.

With that being said, the fact that Ubersuggest PRO (or any other SEO tool out there) is or isn’t indexing each and every single one of your backlinks shouldn’t be a reason to be concerned.