The payment processor that is used by Ubersuggest is one of the leading solutions in the payments marketplace – Stripe.

It does work with the vast majority of credit and debit cards, but we’ve seen that some cards are either being declined.

Among the reasons why this may have happened, the three main reasons why cards typically get declined are:

1. Payments declined by card issuers

When a charge is submitted to the issuer of a customer’s card, Stripe has automated systems and models that determine whether or not to authorize the payment. These systems analyze various signals, such as your spending habits, account balance as well as card information such as the expiration date, address information, and security code.

Unfortunately, most declines are categorized by the card issuer as “generic” so it’s not always possible to know exactly why a payment was declined. If all of the card information seems correct, it is best to contact your card issuer and ask for more information.

2. Card restrictions

Some people may find that their card has restrictions on the type of purchases it can make. FSA/HSA cards are often limited to certain types of businesses (e.g., healthcare providers), so any other type of purchase would be declined. In addition, some card issuers may not allow purchases from certain countries or outside of their own. In either case, you’d need to contact your card issuer to check for any restrictions that may be in place.

3. Geographic location

If you’re using cards issued in a different country than the United States, you may experience card declines. The best and fastest way to resolve this is for you to contact your issuing bank to authorize the charge. 

We recommend you check if your situation doesn’t fall into any one of those three scenarios, as this would help you get to a solution to the card decline issue you’ve been facing.